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French Polynesia – Tahiti

The French Polynesia is also known as Tahiti after its most visited island.The Islands of French Polynesia epitomises luxury of the most refined and highest category. With high end luxury resorts offering the most amazing accommodation, amazing Spas and most luxurious cruising experiences. The islands themselves are tiny hidden jewels, with unsurpassing beauty.Beaches of white sand, blue lagoons and the most clear torquoise blue seas with rich marine life , the islands are an ideal escape for any descerning traveller.

The French Polynesia ,a cluster of 118 Islands.The most popular islands in this archipalego are Tahiti and BoraBora.With a host of luxury resorts, exotic spas and great private beaches,the destination is an escape to heaven.

Quick Facts

  • Currency
  • Time Zone
  • Capital
  • Number of Islands
  • Location
  • Population
  • : French Pacific Franc (CFP)
  • : GMT – 10 hrs
  • : Papeetee
  • : 118 ,in 5 clusters
  • : Ocenia , South Pacific
  • : 280,000

About the Islands

The French Polynesia , more commonly known as Tahiti covers over two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean and comprises of 118 islands clustered in five great archipelagos.

Many islands have mountainious terrain while others seems to barely float above the seas .The three most visited island clusters are the Society Islands, comprised of Bora Bora , Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea and Taha'a; The Tuamotu Atolls , include the atolls of Rangiroa, Manihi, Tikehau, and Fakarava; and the Marquesas, or "The Mysterious Islands."


Essentially a tropical destination,The French Polynesia is blessed with clear sunny weather with warm days.The islands receives good rains,which is a boon for the rich foliage and flowers and also for the numerous Inland streams.

French Polynesia is situated in the southern Hemisphere, so "Summer" lasts from November to February and "Winter" from April to September.

Temperatures seldom reaches above 35°C in summers. Trade winds from the east and southeast bring cool breezes in the late afternoons and early evenings. The tropical rain season is from December to February .There are no significant differences in temperature; in general, the temperatures between April and September are only slightly cooler than from November to February.

Typhoons sometimes hit French Polynesia between end January to mid March. However, these storms are mostly not a danger for the Islands, because the usual routes of these storms are often too far south.

Activities & Attractions :

Tahiti provides a number of opportunities for some of the world's best and most unique experiences. From a number of water sports to Island hoping tours to private picnics to some tiny remote island, Tahiti has it all.Enjoy the best spa treatments and the most luxurious cruise liners which will pamper all your senses with experience that is truly Tahiti.

Overwater Bungalows

These thatched-roof bungalows are perched above the turquoise lagoon waters. In most of the rooms, tropical fish swim below as you look through the glass floor. The amenities are par with the finest first-class hotels.A private balcony that is truly private with open skies and unending stretches of seas,these bunglows are a getaway in the truest sense of words!

Island Tours

Experience tahitian life and the culture of French Polynesia on any of the numerous Island tours.Visit the tiny villages on a circle-island tour. Almost every island has a coastal road following the lagoon shores, youhave the option yo drive around the island by rental car or a guided bus tour. Explore the island on a four wheel safari, guided nature hike, or horse ride. For an amazing ariel views above the islands, take a helicopter tour.

Snorkeling & Diving

Tahiti is synonymous with world-class snorkeling and diving. The clear waters and rich marine life is a delight for both experienced and beginner divers and snorkelers. The Islands have hundreds of fine duiive sites, divers can choose from the amazing drift dives, oceanic drop-offs, sunken ships, and lagoon dives with its rich marine life.

Shark Feeding

The most thrilling and popular experience that can be enjoyed on most of the main islands. A short trip into the lagoon by powered canoe or powerboat, you'll float or stand in four to seven feet of clear water behind a secure rope as the sharks are hand-fed by experienced guides. Even non-swimmers can enjoy this exciting scene from the boat.

Tahitian Cultured Pearls

Commonly known as Black Pearls, Tahitian Cultured Pearl varies in size and shape and the colors range from the darkest black to the most amazing shades of green, blue, bronze, aubergine, and even pink. Visit a pearl farm on Manihi, Rangiroa, Raiatea, Huahine, Taha'a, and Fakarava or visit any pearl shop.

Polynesian Spas

Tahiti is a world-class spa destination with many luxurious spas. Thee perfect backdrop of natural beauty and floral fragrances of the island, provides an ideal setting for relaxation. Enjoy fresh-flower baths, herbal showers, and the most exotic body wraps and massages .

Unique Cruise Ships

Tahitian-owned "super yachts" sail deep within the smooth-water lagoons, sailing catamarans are perfect fpr small groups or family vacation at sea.There are many ultra luxurious yatchs and cruise liners exploring the lagoons of French Polynesia.

Motu Picnic

Enjoy a private picnic on your own motu (tiny islets in the lagoon.) Enjoy a simple or exotic and elaborate meal as per your preference on a table set under a shaddy coconut tree or in the warm, shallow waters along the beach.