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Italy & France

Italy : Pizzas and piazzas a unique combinations. Exquisite renaissance , gothic and Italian architecture, delectable cuisine, rich culture and historical sites makes Italy a must visit destination. Rome is rich in art and architecture, The Vatican- the seat of Christianity and residence of the Pope is a must visit. The Ruins of Pompeii in the shadows of the volcano of Mount Vesuvius is one of the biggest archeological sites in Italy. Venice with its liquid streets is considered to be the ultimate romantic city.

France : Fashion, Romance, and the French Riviera – France is the ultimate destination. Paris is synonymous with romance and is the ultimate city. The Eiffel tower has become an icon of France. The French Riviera with the exotic resorts of Nice, Monaco , Monte Carlo, Marseilles and St.Tropez is a must visit for travelers. The French alps is home to some of the best ski slopes and pistes. Val D’Isere in the French Alps is considered one of the best ski resorts in the world. The Chateau country and the French wine growing region is the best routes to explore.