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New Zealand

The youngest country on earth.New Zealand’s amazing landscapes, lush green forests, wide array of wildlife and pleasant climate make it a great place to unwind and relax. The country is richly diverse and multicultural.

The youngest country on the face of this earth,New Zealand has it all, Snowy mountains, fiery volcanoes, beautiful beaches, remote hiking trails, fiords, wilderness and a lot more.The mild temperate climate along with the most amazing range of flora and fauna, NewZealand is a natural delight.

The Maori culture of NewZealand ,that goes back almost 700 years with the arrival of the first Polynesian on the country,is a rich native culture worth experiencing.

Wellington the capital city is often reffered to as the art and cultural capital of Newzealand.Auckland is an urban delight with great shopping,wine food and the remarkable polynesian culture.The volcanic landscapes of Rotorua, the silvery beaches of Christchurch are just some of the extensive offerings of Newzealand.