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About Us

Nalini Gupta

Managing Director

In the year 2010, Mrs. Nalini Gupta, with her vast experience of 37 years in the travel industry, started Lotus Aero Enterprises, with a vision of putting together, different business verticals related to travel. With her varied exposure, comprising 2 decades at Air India, to heading Abacus CRS systems, Regional Head South East Asia-South African Airways, President-Thomas Cook Travel Businesses & Director- TCI, being an integral part of the Interglobe team, Mrs. Gupta is a firm believer in making things happen and walking the path, no one else has treaded. This belief led to the company becoming, the GSA for the European Cruise Leader – “Costa Cruises” in 2012. Within a year, under Mrs.Gupta’s leadership, Costa cruises garnered emphatic presence in India amongst, the other cruise liners. Mrs.Nalini Gupta truly believes that Indians have not yet discovered, the joy of cruising and its time that everyone wakes up to it, as cruising will eventually become the new way of holidaying for Indians.

Lotus Destinations, is also the official representative for Sri Lankan Holidays in India and will be shortly focusing on promoting Sri Lanka differently, through its dedicated location in Mumbai by the name of Sri Lankan Travel Hub.

We are simultaneously, in the midst of engaging with new partners, who are looking at establishing a presence in India.


We have has executed successful partnerships / campaigns with –

Dubai Tourism board & Emirates– Promote Costa sailings from Dubai and around UAE

Singapore Tourism board – A marketing campaign with high budgets that promoted Costa’s Singapore sailings from Singapore across different mediums

Srilankan Airline – Franchisee agreement to represent and promote Sri Lankan holidays

Oman Airways – Fly Cruise compelling offers on 7 nights sailing, across Middle East

Qatar Airways – Fly Cruise compelling offers, on 7 nights sailing covering Itlay, Spain and France

Meet the Lotus Team

We are a young, enthusiastic and a strong team and love what we do. Know a bit about us:


Shikha Lal Marketing Manager – Costa Cruises India

Shikha holds a masters degree in marketing. She started her career with advertising and media agencies like Zapak.com (Reliance Digital Entertainment) and Lowe Lintas but eventually gravitated to the the world of tourism with Singapore tourism Board.  She launched and managed the “holiday home” marketing  campaign for the board in India. She isn’t afraid to dive into new projects or hobbies. At Costa, her efforts are directed in making cruising a fantastic way to holiday. When she is not thinking about creative designs and marketing ideas for Costa, you will find her spending time with her dog, crafting next holiday plans with her husband or talking about backpacking and movies.

Passions –Travelling to new destinations, reading creative blogs and travel magazines, photography



Reshma has spent more than 15 years working and specializing in the field of Admin and operations. Her stint with Interglobe air transport lasted for 7 years which adds to her credibility. She has gained extensive practical experience which makes her a confident and robust member to handle all operation related activities. Reshma also engages with the travel agents and divulges her efforts in effectively closing the sale for the company. When not working she loves to spend time with the apple of her eye – her lovely daughter.

Passions – Spending quality time with her family and photography



Operations Manager- Lotus Destinations

Anu specializes in flight booking. She brings with herself a experience of last 17 years in the field of ticketing. She knows her job very well. Away from office, she loves to spend time with her 9 year old son and family.

Passions – spending time with family and travelling



Operations Manager- Costa Cruises India

Jeevan specializes in handling the operations of the company, but often finds herself involved directly with the customers and travel agents as well. She has obtained a degree in hospitality from Switzerland. When Jeevan, is not attached to her computer, she is grooving on music, enjoys spending time with her mother and family.

Passions – Swimming, loves to listen to music.



Sales Manager- Costa Cruises India & Lotus Destinations

Pooja’s background in sales gives her a sophisticated grasp on getting new business for the company. She has worked for the Carnival group for almost 2 years where she was a part of the sales department onboard the ship. She is all legs when it comes to running around and generating revenue. She is street smart, finds her way around, does vigorous follow ups not only with the clients but also with the team internally, her sole objective and focus in life is to enhance the revenue of the company.

Passions – travelling, sports, music, cars, culinary…food.



Assistant Sales Manager- Costa Cruises India & Sri Lanka Travel Hub

Clyde brings with him the energy and enthusiasm to effectively grow sales. He has received his diploma in tourism. Clyde is energetic, has a positive attitude, is a team player and is gunning to achieve his targets. In his spare time, clyde can be found compering a event/show or participating in professional dance shows. He is also the national player for billiards.

Passions – Talking about food, dancing, playing snooker, spending time with his girlfriend


AnjaliOperations Executive- Costa Cruises India

Anjali is pursuing her studies in travel and tourism. While doing that she is making excellent use of her time by gaining practical experience in the industry. She is like a sponge observing and learning everything. Her spark in life reflects in her work as well. She has taken some training at a navy centre in Mumbai from where her love for ships began. She is very enthusiastic, works hard and is totally dedicated to her job.

Passions – Embroidery, art and craft & travel